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The vineyard of Château Monestier La Tour

The vineyard of Château Monestier La Tour

Le vignoble du Château Monestier La Tour

The largest production of Château Monestier La Tour is under the Bergerac and Côtes de Bergerac appellations. Located in the southwestern part of the Dordogne, on the banks of the river ,the vineyard covers a great variety of soils: limestone, boulbènes, sand, clay and silt. The oceanic climate, helped by the geographic relief of the Dordogne valley and the sea winds, moderates the atmosphere and keeps a high humidity all year long. Château Monestier La Tour also has a small production under the Saussignac appellation which produces sweet wines. The vineyard is located on the left bank of the Dordogne river. The topography and its microclimate are favorable towards a good development of noble rot. This will enable beautifully sweet and syrupy wines.

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